Move from Campus to Career with the SDSU Aztec Mentor Program in Fall 2022! 

The Aztec Mentor Program's (AMP) purpose is to engage alumni and professional mentors to connect with juniors, seniors and graduate students to support them as they move from campus to career. AMP asks mentors and mentees to invest eight hours in mentorship over the fall and/or spring semester.

Thank you to our program participants for their commitment and time as we build a stronger Aztec network and support Aztecs Hiring Aztecs.  We are here to support you throughout your mentoring experience. 

Join AMP to make new professional connections. Whether you are a mentor or a mentee, you'll find mentoring to be a rewarding experience!

We would love to highlight your AMP story! Share your story with us.

Questions?  Email us at amp@sdsu.edu.

For SDSU COVID-19 resources, check out the SDSU Student Health Services website.
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Juniors, Seniors and Grad students: 

Apply for a mentor in Fall 2022 starting Aug 17.  

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Students MUST use their SDSUid Email (Example: jsmith@sdsu.edu) It is the same as your Webportal login credentials. 

Share your AMP Mentee Story with us!

Mentors: Sign up to be a mentor!

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Alumni and professionals, share your experience and expertise with students during the semester. Mentors are invited to register year-round. 
Share your AMP Mentor Story with us!

Mentor Moments: What participants say

“My mentor has given me so much encouragement and offered me an opportunity to learn and grow. Mentoring is important because it gave me a professional and expert advise that will help guide me in the future.” -Kaylee Morimoto, Mentee

"My mentee has really changed my perspective on mentoring— I now see it as a two-way process... Also, hearing her experiences and the questions she has about different programs and jobs has helped me better understand what the SDSU experience is like for many students today." -Emily Schmied, Mentor

SDSU Career Services

Questions? Email amp@sdsu.edu or call 619.594.6851
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