Mentors inspire, encourage, and support you, and contribute to your professional and personal development. You can expect to strengthen and build your network, and gain the skills and confidence necessary to excel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is mentoring? AMP mentoring is the development of a voluntary, one-on-one mentorship between a student (mentee) and an alumnus or professional (mentor) for the purpose of strengthening career development. Please note that as a participant of AMP you agree to AMP's Release of Liability which is now included in the Terms and Conditions, viewable via the link at the bottom of every page of the AMP website. 
  • Who are AMP mentors?  Mentors are alumni or professionals located in the San Diego area and nationwide. Mentors work with mentees to define goals and provide guidance to achieve these goals. Guidance can include addressing topics such as making connections between mentoring experience and learning, answering industry-specific questions, and providing professional advice and connections to build your professional network.
  • When can I apply for a mentor? AMP runs twice a year during the fall (Aug. – Dec.) and spring (Jan. – May) semesters. Typically students request a mentor during the first 6 weeks of each semester, just prior to the AMP Networking event, which takes place around mid-semester. Once a mentor accepts your request you can begin working with your mentor. If you haven't been matched, we will try to automatically match with a  mentor which is in an effective and efficient way to connect you by using the information in both of your profiles, specifically career interests and industry.
  • How much time are we expected to work together? We recommend spending two hours together a month, for a total of eight hours during the semester, which can include phone calls, video conferencing,  face-to-face meetings, attending AMP events, professional networking events, or informational interviews with mentor referrals.  
  • How do I choose a mentor?  Complete your profile - with information on what help you are looking for. Then browse through the list of mentors and create mentoring request.
  • What if I can't find a mentor?  Students who complete their application, have the opportunity to be matched with a mentor. A "perfect match" is not always possible so make sure to expand your search criteria to give you more mentor options. If you can't find a mentor who matches your career interest please, contact us, to assist you.   
  • Can a mentee have more than one mentor? AMP is designed to help students establish a one-on-one mentorship over a semester. If you would like more than one mentor, consider applying for another mentor next semester.
  • What should I do if I am a student with a disability?
    Students with disabilities are not required to disclose their disabilities at any time before, during, or after the application and mentoring process. If you believe you will require accommodations to participate in AMP, it is best that you disclose as early as possible, by contacting Diane Marin, AMP Coordinator.
    •    If you are unsure as to what accommodations you might need, work with your Student Disability Services counselor to identify what accommodations would best suit your disability. See Reasonable Job Accommodations (PDF; download Adobe Acrobat Reader if needed)
    •    Consider transportation needs. It is your responsibility to get you to your mentor site. When selecting a mentor, evaluate whether or not transportation will be a problem, find out what arrangements can be made, and discuss your needs with the AMP Coordinator so that he or she is aware of the situation.
  • I am a student veteran. What other resources are available to assist me? Contact James Tarbox, Executive Director, who will be happy to assist you: or 619-594-4379.
  • I am an international student. Can a mentor assist me with a work visa? AMP is not designed to get you a work visa. If you have questions regarding employment visas or off campus employment, please contact the International Student Center to speak with an immigration advisor at 619-594-1982.
  • If you are experiencing any concerns in your mentorship or have questions, please contact us immediately so we can support you. Be your own advocate. If the match is not working and/or if you need support, be sure to contact us rather than waiting until after the semester is over to voice your concerns. Email us at or Career Services office has virtual front desk hours from Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Juniors, Seniors and Grad students: 

Spring 2021 registration is closed.

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Students MUST use their SDSUid Email (Example: It is the same as your Webportal login credentials. 

Important Dates

Spring 2021 Students register and request a mentor:
January 19-February 26

Questions?  Email us at since we are working virtually, or come to AMP Virtual Drop-in Hours: Monday through Thursday from 11am-1pm. Click here for the Zoom link

For COVID-19 resources, check out the SDSU Student Health Services website here.

Mentee DO's

  1. Commit to at least two interactions/hours of support per month to proactively get to know your mentor. 
  2. Be clear about expectations that you have, and work with your mentor to manage these as you go through AMP. 
  3. Be responsible in managing your time and in respecting your mentor's time. Come to meetings prepared with planned topics. Keep all scheduled appointments and display professional behavior. Respond in a timely manner to your mentor's feedback. 
  4. Be open and honest with your mentor about your challenges and weaknesses. 
  5. Thank your mentor for their contributions to your career development!

Mentee DON'Ts

  1. Avoid asking for guidance and then not following up when action is required. 
  2. Do not expect your mentor to have answers to all of your questions.
  3. Avoid poor time management and communication practices. Example of practices to avoid are to be unresponsive to your mentor.