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Arielle Cook (mentee)  “I now possess a new found confidence in myself as a transfer student and feel more connected to the campus. A place that once felt overwhelming and made me feel small, now feels inclusive because of the diverse SDSU communities my mentors connected me with.” - Arielle Cook 

  "Without a mentor, I can only go so far as my ability takes me. With a mentor, I have someone who is experienced, who guides me and shares with me as a teacher and as a friend. Without a mentor, I'm walking on my 2 feet, but with a mentor, I'm driving on a highway."- Karen Dinh 

Christy Quiogue (right) with mentee

  "When one becomes a mentor, it's not just moments of career advice, resume tips or networking; it's more than that. It's several moments combined that fully engages the student from within - confidence in their skills, faith in their abilities and most importantly, belief in themselves. When you see your mentee graduate from SDSU, the moment becomes a movement that lifts them towards new heights."- Christy Quiogue  

“The most important thing about mentoring is continuing that human tradition of knowledge sharing and passing on legacy of learning."- Qamar Bradford