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Mentor Brenda Lazarus (left) and her mentee Joey Lucero

“The Aztec Mentor Program has allowed me to give back to fellow Aztecs and open myself up to others. It is a great experience, and SDSU alumni should take the opportunity to meet and support our future generation of professionals.” - Brenda Lazarus

"This mentorship is everything, and it has set me up for my career," Lucero said. "This is the best foot in the door for college students.” - Joey Lucero


Mentor Susan Farese (left) and her mentee Kaitlin Woods“That feeling of having somebody reach out and guide me is what I want to give to these students. My purpose is to connect with people and motivate them, to make them the best they can be.” - Susan Farese

"My mentor prepared me to stay on top of job searches, reviewed my resume, and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and attend events that Career Services had put together. After ending the program, I feel more calm and level-headed in my job search, as well as confident because now I have an amazing mentor to turn to for advice and recommendations." - Kaitlin Woods