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"I am grateful to the Aztec Mentor Program (AMP) for connecting me with Ann Moore, Chief Deputy Clerk of the Board of Supervisors at the County of San Diego. As a first-generation graduate student, I intended to join the program to find a mentor that could help me understand how to make the right choices in my career. Ann has gone above and beyond as my mentor. Throughout our mentorship, Ann delivered leadership skill-building books to my home, tailored my resume for potential employers, and was always attentive to my needs. Today, I have made steps to build tangible skills that I need to strive for success as the first person in my family to enter the public health field. I am forever indebted to AMP and Ann. Thank you for shaping my career!" -Denise Marquez  


Arielle Cook (mentee)  “I now possess a new found confidence in myself as a transfer student and feel more connected to the campus. A place that once felt overwhelming and made me feel small, now feels inclusive because of the diverse SDSU communities my mentors connected me with.” - Arielle Cook 

  "Without a mentor, I can only go so far as my ability takes me. With a mentor, I have someone who is experienced, who guides me and shares with me as a teacher and as a friend. Without a mentor, I'm walking on my 2 feet, but with a mentor, I'm driving on a highway."- Karen Dinh 

Christy Quiogue (right) with mentee

  "When one becomes a mentor, it's not just moments of career advice, resume tips or networking; it's more than that. It's several moments combined that fully engages the student from within - confidence in their skills, faith in their abilities and most importantly, belief in themselves. When you see your mentee graduate from SDSU, the moment becomes a movement that lifts them towards new heights."- Christy Quiogue  

“The most important thing about mentoring is continuing that human tradition of knowledge sharing and passing on legacy of learning."- Qamar Bradford

"It has positively affected how I plan, how I navigate seemingly impossible situations, and how I knock/ask for help/clarity and move through the world. It is changing my life on the daily. I feel more self aware, more able, more sure." - Mulika Musyimi

"My mentor has been wonderful, the greatest cheerleader that I have ever had. I feel thankful that SDSU always helps me to achieve my goals and gives me chances to connect with a professional network. I have had a great first semester and got an internship offer for summer 2023 from an accounting firm that I always hoped to work for. I’m so excited and happy. My mentor has guided me during my pre and post-interviews. We are still staying connected through emails and texts." -Cadie Ly 

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